Choose Your Own PuRposeful Path

In the spirit of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, we understand that being in business is an adventure and having an advisor (tour guide? sidekick?) can be beneficial.

Perhaps you’re just cracking open the book and not sure where to go or maybe you’ve read all the pages and you still don’t know what you need.

We enjoy multiple choices, having options and still believe anything is possible.

Just like communication strategies aren’t one size fits all and magic bullets are few, there are many ways to reach a goal and sometimes all those options become confusing. Whether you’re attempting to launch a new product, grow your business or step into a new industry focus area, sometimes you need to…well, go over a few pages before you choose your path.

That’s where a one-on-one consultation may be the best way to go. And if you need on-going support and more guidance, we can coach and guide you through that process. Consultation and coaching sessions are led by Nancy Vaughn, principal of White Book Agency.

Whether it’s discovering your business purpose and target audience or helping you “PR-ify” (progress and prosper) your business, Nancy will filter through and assist with identifying your options.

She’ll also let you know when public relations, marketing and maybe the whole communications pie is not what you need (right now, that is. You will eventually need PR, marketing, etc. to grow your business – it’s important!). We won’t leave you hanging though and will direct you to one of our partners (from business coaches to sales strategists) to get you on the right page.

Maybe you’ve attracted press attention and don’t know what to do next. Or you’ve heard all of the PR and marketing success stories, how it can change your business, and wonder if that’s what you really need. Book us for a consult.

For $449, you’ll receive a:

  • One hour consultation via phone or Skype
  • “Take action” worksheets following our consultation call

PuRpose Coaching Sessions
Sometimes you just need someone who is keeping you and your team on track and pointing you in the right direction. Need help identifying your client base? Best ways to plan for your upcoming fashion event or launch party?

After a consult, you may feel like you need additional support. Our one-on-one coaching sessions involve, well…getting all up in your business! We’ll blue sky with you so that you get clear focus regarding your business’ communication strategy and train you through DIY success. We’ll ask those tough questions and find out what’s really going on, clear out some of the clutter and make sense of all those notes you’ve been taking!

For $1,499, you’ll receive:

  • Four one-hour coaching sessions via phone or Skype
  • Playbook Updates (weekly action steps based on our meetings)
  • Two half-hour follow-up calls to check your progress, plus e-mail communication

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