Inquisitive. Curious. Those are the nice words for question-askers. Nosy is the less flattering label, but definitely true depending on the circumstance.

I’ve (Nancy) always been one to want to know and understand so, “Why?” and asking all of the questions that may follow have been comfortable and easy for me.

My journalism background probably gave me additional experience in question-asking. Or perhaps journalism was well-suited for me because of my question-asking? Not that I always asked great ones. The outrageous ones tend to be the most enjoyable or mortifying ~ depending on the person, day and question.

With all that being said, I (and my agency) have often been hired because of the questions I ask. People have shared: “I like the questions Nancy asks.”

They’re customized questions because I do take a genuine interest in people and their brands. And people don’t like the questions because they’re personal in nature, they usually like them because it uncovers something in themselves or makes them think in different ways about their companies.

A colleague/friend of mine referred to another colleague as “a house with many rooms.” Well, I tend to like to open the door to some of those rooms. Or more, encourage clients to explore those rooms. I’ve found that clients uncover things they’ve never considered before.

This is helpful to any company because asking questions allows one to:
A) Explore new areas of opportunity. Questions can push people to challenge themselves ~ to adapt and/or innovate.
B) Uncover any holes…in systems or processes, or perhaps thinking as it relates to customers.
C) Make decisions and solidify end goals. Thinking around certain questions allows people to note where their boundaries are and how they will want to proceed.

Remaining genuinely inquisitive allows you to take an active interest in the business you’ve created and/or are managing. Questions allow people to think more critically ~ and this works both ways, for the person who is receiving the question and asking the question.

Whenever you’re seeking answers, or if you’re looking to connect more, here’s to encouraging you to ask more questions!


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