In the last few weeks I’ve seen many of my friends take a beating from the economy, suffering layoffs and pay cuts. In one day I received phone calls from three individuals who had been laid off. They wanted letters of recommendation, referrals and to be plugged into any applicable network contacts. While I’m aware of all of the economic doom and gloom around me, I still encourage creating one’s own economy. Even so, it helps to have a back-up plan…or a crazy idea like Jason Sadler.

Jason is the creator of I Wear Your Shirt. He’s a passionate marketing professional who has decided to wear the shirts of different companies every day in 2009. You pay for the day that he wears your shirt, and he creates daily videos, photos and posts essentially promoting you, your company and/or product.

All in an effort to battle this sad economy. Right now the month of August is sold out!

What crazy ideas do you have that might just make you a little extra cash? Need some creative consulting and idea generating? Give us a call!


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