Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Your own blog?

White Book Agency understands the value of putting our clients’ brands out into the world via social media tools. We also understand that the world of social media is user-driven and the technology is only as good as…the user. (Click here for a simple and concise explanation of social media.)

Using online tools to promote your business takes time and dedication. Here are three easy tips to keep you going once you’ve signed up for one of the sites:

1) Just start typing. Anything. Even if it’s, “Hi! I’m new to Facebook. Someone tell me how to use this tool.” Most people in the online world are friendly and willing to help.

2) Set reminder prompts or schedule time to blog, tweet, or provide a status update. If you schedule the time to be active on the site it will help you to establish a pattern and it will become a habit to provide updates. Isn’t 20 minutes of blogging worth making additional sales for your business? Check out this story for more proof of its worth.

3) Unless you’re business blogging, be personable. Actually, even if you’re business blogging – be personable. People want to interact and connect with ‘real’ people. Again, the technology is a tool, the user is a human (usually) – with a personality, likes, dislikes, etc.

Good luck and let us know if we can help! Also, we’ll be taking some of our own advice and try to blog more often as well! : )

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