Not everyone thinks “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” and when one is the victim of less than favorable press, it can take awhile to recover.

White Book Agency’s PR & Marketing Director, Nancy Vaughn, contributed a post titled, “5 Tips to Recover from Bad Press,” on the respected online resource, PR Couture.

While the content is directed toward fashion publicists and designers, it is still very relevant to other businesses.

Here’s a sneak peak of the article:

So no one came to your show/event, you said something you shouldn’t have or you got a bad review…and it’s been aired, published and/or posted. O…M…G…(and insert expletive). News travels fast, and now even faster thanks to the World Wide Web, but here are a few tips if you become “misunderstood” in the media:

Do not panic.
Do not let your reaction to the situation become another story. Becoming belligerent or insisting you are right, you were wronged or your line is the best (even though 5 out of 5 reporters beg to differ) will only make you appear defensive. It can be hard to swallow negative criticism, and even more difficult when you’ve spent months and months working on a collection or show presentation (only to have the reaction be less than excitement). Gather your thoughts, reign in your emotions and refuse to react negatively to poor criticism.

Learn from your mistakes and review the criticisms.
Was any of the feedback warranted and true? Could your line have used some more color? Did you poorly construct a garment and should it not have been shown? During your interview, did you say something that was better left unsaid? The integrity of the journalist will determine what will truly remain “off the record” but when talking with reporters…

Visit PR Couture for the full article by clicking here.

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