As fans of fashion, we like to see new trends in the fashion world, not just in clothes and accessories, but in ways of doing business. While the open-see isn’t entirely new (as Henri Bendel has been doing this for 40 years), it’s really cool that a large corporate store like Bloomingdale’s is going to get in on the fun.

Today, Friday, Feb. 5, Bloomingdale’s will host their first open-see event from noon-4pm in their New York City flagship location. Indie designers will have a chance to show their creations to major players at Bloomingdale’s. A lucky designer’s creation might catch the eye of Stephanie Solomon, operating vice president for Bloomingdale’s and voilà! – overnight success! For some lucky designer, it will be like a reality television show without the cameras.

Bloomie’s will conduct their open sees on March 6, April 3 and May 1 as well.

This is a great opportunity for designers in the competitive world of fashion. Do you think this will be a trend for other big brand stores/names?

The world of social media already makes the world smaller and closer, and perhaps the creation of more in-person situations like these – big execs/decision makers with direct contact to seemingly everyday people who may possibly be the next best [insert industry title] – will be the way companies look for new ideas, recruit talent, etc. Wait…or is this the good, old-fashion way?

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