The following is a guest blog post by Cynthia Pasquella, CCN, CHLC, CWC. Cynthia is a nutritionist, wellness expert and a friend of Principal, PR & Marketing Director, Nancy Vaughn and White Book Agency via Savor the Success (premium network for women entrepreneurs). While you’re busy working on your business, don’t forget to take care of number one – YOU!

Cynthia provides some great advice for staying healthy and happy this Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day is that rare holiday that is embraced by many and shunned by so many others! Whatever your view, take caution to not get so caught up in the madness that you stress out, make yourself an emotional wreck, and gain 5 pounds. Here are some easy tips that will help you sail through this holiday with your heart – and your waistline intact!

1. Choose the Healthy Chocolate – It’s very fitting that love is celebrated with chocolate (which is an aphrodisiac!), but how much do you really love yourself? Take that into account when you’re reaching for those yummy treats and then have a piece or two of dark chocolate and move on.

Dark chocolate is packed with healthy antioxidants, lower in sugar, and it’s bitter so you won’t eat as much. One word of caution: beware of your co-workers desk with that bowl full of candy that tugs at your sweater whenever you walk by! Have her come to your desk instead!

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Things – This is one of the few holidays where women will drive themselves crazy trying to make every little detail perfect for their loved one. The thing is, if they truly love you, they aren’t going to care what you give them as a gift or what you eat for dinner. They’re only going to care about you!

Realize that the only standards you are being held to are your own and then breathe in deeply and let them all go. Take care not to get caught up in the emotional eating trap because you feel stress or pressure. Relax and enjoy this special day with your loved one – or with the most special person in the world – YOU!

3. Plan and Cook Your Own Healthy Dinner – Yes, really! Restaurants have a field day with their fancy schmancy dinners (translation: full of calories, fat, and unhealthy ingredients). They jack up the price and fill your tummy full of several courses designed to make you feel anything but sexy when you get back home.

This year, why not plan and prepare your own meal? Keep it simple by choosing your loved ones favorite dinner, setting a nice table, dimming the lights, and lighting some candles. The meal will be healthier and the setting will be much more intimate. You can even prepare and cook the meal together for a more romantic experience!

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