After traveling the past few weeks for professional trips, I’ve remembered the value of changing things up. The travel provided a change of environment that was good for me creatively and professionally.

Breaking away from your normal routine can give you a fresh perspective. If you always go to work the same way every day, take a different route. Try a new workout routine. Start and stop work at a different time. Eat something new for lunch.

Changing things up is also good when it comes to marketing your business. The saying, “If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it,” is valuable, however, change can be good for the soul (as my stylist once said). If you’re always using the same graphics, images and/or copy, try something new. Perhaps just a subtle change and see how your customers respond. If they hate it, guess what? You can change it back! Pitch a new (relevant) media outlet. Advertise in another publication. There are plenty of options!

This week I encourage you to make a minor tweak or two and experience the newness of change!

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