You know we’re fans of fashion and shopping, and there are so many great specials to look forward to on Black Friday, the kick-off to one of the busiest seasons of the year. Since we’re in the communications industry, the shopping paired with the over-the-top advertising (hello, crazy Target-shopping lady who will “win this”) makes it even extra exciting for us!

Then we got an e-mail from Neiman Marcus. They not only told us about their Black Friday special – where you spend a $100 between 9am-2pm on Friday, Nov. 26, 2010 and receive a $50 gift card – they sent us pics of one of the best dressed dolls EVER.

Meet Barbie. OK, we know  you know her, but did you know her as “Dolly Forever,” as in Forever Tina~Christian Louboutin-wearing Barbie? Red hair, green eyes, khaki lace-front mini dress, gold accessories, plus three extra pair of Louboutin shoes to go with the fushia-colored kicks she’s already rockin. This is the second in a series of limited edition dolls from Louboutin and yours for only $150 at Neiman’s.

Doesn’t this encourage you to get your shop on? Of course it does! Which is exactly why you will need to partake in the fantastic Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials from Tampa Bay area spas courtesy of spa50. Pumpkin Body Glow for only $40, facials and pedicures for 50% off, gift certificates for $100 plus an extra $20 for free, and much more! spa50 believes in taking 50 minutes a week for yourself (daily if you can swing it but weekly is a must!) and the specials are a great way to take care of yourself while saving. Can’t beat that!

Happy Shopping!

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