This totally unique form of marketing is typically unconventional and unexpected. It creates top figure results from using minimal resources. The goal is to gain exposure by being unusual, quirky and interactive through the means of creating buzz in public places and providing product giveaways.

Not to say that larger corporations don’t get involved, but this type of exposure is ideal for small businesses and companies with limited advertising budgets. All that’s needed to pull off a memorable guerrilla marketing campaign is some imagination, high energy, time and of course our four tips listed below…

1.    Be completely unexpected. Catch your audience in a surprise moment! The unexpectedness that arises from your campaign can heighten the audience’s attention. You can do so by using unique objects at unique times or placing unique items in unexpected places.

2.    Make it fun. Since humor helps to create interest, attract a larger audience by adding in a humorous effect. This technique can also help differentiate your campaign from your competitors.

3.    Work creatively with your budget. One of the greatest perks of this type of promotion is the fact that you don’t necessarily need a large budget to create a buzz effect. To get the immediate impact that you seek, try to think creatively, intuitively and out of the box!

4.    Consider the benefits of the customer. Guerrilla marketing campaigns should always give the target audience something that will make them feel satisfied. Whether it’s a discount, freebie or a smile, creating goodwill with your customer will give them a reason to love your company.

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