The firing of famed British fashion designer John Galliano has left shocking impressions on both fashion and non-fashion enthusiasts. The Christian Dior designer was let go from the French fashion house after an explicit video revealed Galliano making anti-Semitic and derogatory remarks in a Paris cafe.*

The fashion house executives posted that the remarks made by Galliano were in total contradiction to the core values of Christian Dior.

This statement from the Christian Dior executives really got us thinking about the importance of having values. Whether you’re evaluating your personal or business life, it sometimes works best to take a step back and think… Will this “XYZ situation” work for or against what I believe in? How will my behavior affect those around me? Can I be proud of the decision that I will make? These questions will be easy to answer if you follow through with the core values that you have set up for yourself.

In keeping with the fashion theme, we’ll use an “XYZ situation” that we’re sure you’ve heard of before. One that’s obviously less serious than racist or sexist remarks, derogatory language, etc., yet something that people usually have an opinion.  OK, here goes…your “XYZ situation” may be as simple as catching your friend wearing white after Labor Day. (Gasp!!) Let’s say this is obviously not a big deal to her, however, it is a huge deal to you because you grew up with the understanding that the color white is not suitable after the first Monday in September. So now you’re forced to take a step back and think…

1. Will this “XYZ situation” work for or against what I believe in?

This is clearly something that you believe to be a fashion faux pas.

2. How will my behavior affect those around me?

If you approach her, she may be upset that you are critiquing her style and you risk getting into an argument or loosing a friendship, or she may be grateful that you pointed out this mistake to her and your friendship will be fine.

3. Can I be proud of the decision that I will make?

This is where the idea of having core values really comes into play. If this is what you believe in, you will be proud of the decision that you make. While you may not get everyone to agree with your fashion stance of “not wearing white after Labor Day” situation, it is likely you will remain true to your fashion belief and sense and go sans white garments after September.

On a more serious note, regardless of Galliano’s talent, the executives at Christian Dior felt strongly that Galliano’s remarks went against their core values and they let him go.

It doesn’t matter if your “XYZ situation” is as big as anti-Semitic, racist or sexist remarks or as little (and trivial to some) as wearing white after Labor Day, it all comes down to creating core values that represent who you are and who you wish to be.

*(In latest news, Dior is supporting the “John Galliano” brand, just not the man behind the brand.)

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