Creativity can strike at any time and in any place, but occasionally…doesn’t it feel like it never strikes at all? When that happens we’re faced with two options: we can sit and wait for creativity to arrive, or we can get out there and go panning for golden ideas!

Get self-motivated. Keep reminding yourself what it is that you need to do and what your goals are. This will help you stay focused and make you work more efficiently.

Get inspired. Stumble around the Internet, take a stroll, flip through the pages of a magazine or sit in your thinking chair! Sometimes seeing or thinking about the smallest things can give you the biggest inspirations.

Let your ideas flow. If you’re in the car and an idea strikes you, jot it down. Finish up your car ride, sit down at the computer and start rolling out ideas. There’s always time for editing, so type out everything that comes to mind first, then slowly edit your list.

Embrace problems. Instead of freaking out at the site of a terrible situation look at it as an opportunity for new discoveries. Embrace, learn from it and move on.

Make a mind map. This is a graphical approach to note taking. Basically, you will make a diagram out of key words, ideas and tasks. Start with an idea, and then create links on how to make that idea work, where or how the idea can be used and any additional enhancements of that idea. This creates a framework of your thoughts and helps analyze ideas.

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