Hi Friends! Our headline is just a reminder to ourselves of how long it has been since we’ve been here. Our blog. Yes, we know how it works and the last time you heard from us was in June. Eek!

Whether you’re a client, business, media professional, fellow practitioner or friend who stops by to see us, we’re glad you do and hope that your summer has been grand thus far!

Based on the infrequent trips to our blog, you’d think we were at the beach or out lounging by the pool, but we’ve actually had the holidays in mind.  We’ve been busy with holiday gift guide pitching and introducing some fantastic new clients into the Book. There have been some summer happenings as well, of course. Be sure to check out our friends at Liquid Palisade in the July issue of Social Life Magazine and Sister 2 Sister next month, and also designer Essence Flowers in the August 2011 issue of Allure.

In coming weeks you’ll hear about some fantastic events coming up, new programs and cool new clients! Stay tuned…we’ll write more, call more, come to see you…

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