News has been circulating that Google+ is close to unveiling pages for brands and businesses that the public can access.

Because Google+ is a new service, many businesses may not know how to begin communicating with their customers and clients in this new setting. This is crucial information for brands and businesses that would like to continue building long-term relationships with their customers.

There might even be businesses and brands themselves that do not understand how to use the service. To assist them, we have compiled three tips that will not only explain how Google+ works, but also demonstrate how to communicate with customers and clients on this new platform:

Boost your brand or business’ search ranking. Google looks favorably upon Google+ content in search and the links shared in Google+ are highly indexed. This means you should try to share as much content as possible with your customers on Google+. Just remember not to spam.

Customize content with Circles. You can create separate “Circles,” or groups, for your: 1) target audience, 2) marketing audience and 3) internal communications audience. Then create a calendar or schedule that indicates when to send messages to just those specific segments. This way you will not blast irrelevant messages at (or worse, spam) the wrong segments of your audience.

Tag content with hashtags. Similar to Twitter, hashtags have made their way to Google+. You can use hashtags (as you do on Twitter) to identify topics of interest. You can also tag your posts so they are searchable for others looking for tips on, for instance, #marketing.

Still have a few questions about how Google+ works? Leave a comment and let us know!

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