Last night, I (Nancy for White Book) had the pleasure of moderating/facilitating a media panel with women experts who work in and with the media profession.

We helped to bring a dynamic panel of women together for Working Women of Tampa Bay‘s Spotlight Series. Featured speakers included:


Walker Brands, Tampa Bay's first Gold LEED certified building

The event was hosted at Walker Brands, Tampa’s first LEED Gold certified building. Upon entrance, you immediately recognize that the building naturally fosters creativity, and I’ve always said that when you’re in that space ~ you just feel smarter. It’s a smart space, with smart people!

The night began with mingling, light bites from Tatiana’s, sweet treats and wine from Carol Prokap of PR Wine International, and then we opened up into the discussion.

While the audience was largely made up of small business owners and working professionals, the questions I selected for the panel were not just business focused. As women, I believe we recognize the whole person – what makes them who they are personally (as a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, etc.) and professionally (entrepreneur and/or executive). There are varying opinions on a balanced life, and blending and/or balancing our professional and personal lives is an act that is ongoing. I wanted the questions to share with the audience how these dynamic women make it all happen successfully.

There was valuable information shared and as one of the women noted, we could have talked all night! There were several smart and valuable sound bites and tips shared. Here were some of my favorites:

“Don’t do more, do less well.” This one was courtesy of Nancy W. She shared this nugget when an audience member wanted to know how to cram all the “to dos” a small business owner has into a day. Instead of trying to figure out how to do more and driving yourself crazy, it makes so much sense to just do a fantastic job on a few things.

“Only do what you can do,” was a tip Diane shared from a friend. (One who is actually a special friend to me as well, Deanne Roberts, who has undoubtedly left her legacy here on earth. We love and miss you, Deanne!) Another useful tip from Diane was her use of lists for clarity and identifying strengths. She said she broke down her list to include:

  • What I like to do that I’m good at
  • What I don’t like to do, but that I’m good at
  • What I’m not good at, but I like to do
  • What I’m not good at and don’t like to do

After identifying these things, she worked to eliminate that last bullet.

They’re watching! Bridgette shared the secret (and at White Book, we know, not so secret) fact that the media is looking at your social media profiles. Your tone and tweets on Facebook, Twitter, etc. would do well to match the tone and image of your business brand. If your personal profile isn’t for public consumption, you may need to use some of Facebook’s privacy filtering features. Your goal as a business owner is to a leave a positive impression.

And Nancy W. added that how you feel now, may not be how you feel about an issue, topic, etc. in two years. Think about how much you’ve grown in the last five years…two years…heck, this month! Think before you post (both comments and pictures)!

Keeping it real and training. Korey shared the importance of being realistic with yourself. As the casting and media director for HSN, she frequently receives requests from people who want to see themselves on television. She shared how it’s not just a great product, a pretty face or even that “spark” that’s going to seal the deal. It’s a combination of these elements…and training, that helps.

Each of these women is admired, respected in the community and inspires others in some way, shape or form in their profession. Last night’s event was informative and a great reminder to stay inspired on our entrepreneurial and professional journeys.

What and who keeps you motivated and/or inspired? What questions do you have about the media and business?

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