lady-gaga-vogue-sept-2012It’s appropriate that we’d reference the coveted September issue of Vogue, after all, it is September and we are a fashion PR firm. That’s not what we are referring to though, not the magazine nor the movie in this case anyway. For us, the September “issue” is the amount of fashion that we are knee deep in and while it’s fabulous, it is also reminiscent of Bubba in Forrest Gump…fashion preview, fall fashion, Fashion’s Night Out, fashion wrap-up, fashion in the mall, fashion contests, fashion pop-up, fashion seminars,  spring/summer 2013 fashions, fashion shows… It’s been so busy, that we even created a fashion PR survival checklist which you can download on our home page (just sign up for our mailing list).

Anyway, not complaining, just sayin’ – it has been a crazy month! Even so, we are feeling super excited and blessed to be a part of all of the fashion fun! Check out this cool video feature that the Tampa Bay Times put together for their fabulous closets issue, plus live tweeting and play-by-plays of it all from Stephanie Hayes to celebrate Tampa Bay Fashion Week‘s five year birthday (or anniversary, but we’re saying b-day because there’s almost always cake at b-day celebrations and well, we like cake!).

Be sure to follow all of the fashion action and we’ll check in again soon!

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