It’s that time of year when December’s graduating students are thinking about entering the ‘real world’ or spring graduates are looking to land a cool internship before they leave college.

Our mailbox stays pretty active with internship inquiries and resumes from job seekers. From the super, creative and outgoing to those who may have skipped one too many classes.

Anyone who is applying for a public relations job should already realize the value of a great pitch. Writing and being able to communicate are absolute musts in any “communications” field, but for a PR applicant, the first “pitch assignment” involves getting a prospective employer to call you back. See if you can get us to call you back with your “hire me” pitch, then chances are you might do a great job getting the media to call you back, too!

The saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, we’re going to let you know a few ‘somethings’ and then you won’t be able to use the “I didn’t know!” excuse any longer. Deal?

Our talented friend, Crosby Noricks, is the creative mind behind PR Couture, a fashion PR resource that is pretty much one of the required reads for anyone who wants to work in the fashion PR industry. (Hint # 1.) When applicants tell us whom they’re following, we expect to hear PR Couture on their reading list. (Hint #2.)

We hope that this handy little post written by Nancy of White Book Agency is helpful to you and if you haven’t done this yet, you might want to grab a copy of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. (Hints #3 & #4)

Once you’re in the industry, the ability to establish, develop and maintain relationships will be critical. Some of the best relationships all begin with the pitch. Kind of romantic, right?

This whole ‘pitch’ thing, there’s a book for that – thanks to Crosby! (We told you she was talented!) Crosby’s new e-book, Pitch Perfect: The PR Couture Guide to Fashion Media Coverage is a must-have and must-read for any fashion PR pro (or soon-to-be pro). (Hint #5.) It’s filled with the basics of PR planning, details on how to locate difficult media contact info, working with fashion bloggers, maximizing PR coverage and more. Plus, there are even “how to pitch” interviews from a variety of fashion journalists, writers, editors and bloggers (including one of our faves, Dree Harper of Refinery29 and CreateThatStyle).


The handy Pitch Perfect guide is only $29, and you can purchase it here. Or you can get it FREE by purchasing a PR Couture Media List. That’s right, another must-have for the industry – your invaluable media list! (Bonus Hint). Snatch up one of these lists and you’ll save yourself valuable time in research and have more time to make actual connections with those in the media. (Bonus, bonus hint.)

While the PR Couture site is great for those who are looking to break into the fashion PR industry, it also serves as a resource for those of us who are already working in the field. From the latest social media tools and case studies to the marketing campaigns of major fashion brands, it’s all nicely housed on PR Couture. If you are a job seeker, prospective intern and/or student, go out and get your pitch on! Good luck and no more hints! : )

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