Last week we discussed giving credit where credit is due ~ whether you’re saying “Great job!” to an employee or letting someone know that s/he served as a source of inspiration or motivated you to take action. And we also discussed recognizing the degrees of separation between those you’ve met along the way. A simple gesture of acknowledgment and recognizing how you came to some good things in business (or personal life), can go a long way.

This week I wanted to touch on appreciation for the little things (whether they are obviously or seemingly). Sometimes it’s just the act of reaching out or showing up. From a business perspective, I think an appreciation for the experience, interaction, etc. keeps things positive, opens the door to solutions (instead of dwelling on the problems) and makes for learning opportunities.

I received an e-mail last week from an associate who wrote:

Hey Nancy-

Just wanted to check in and say hi 🙂 ___________ contacted me about some food-related events– she said she obtained my name from you. Thanks for the intro– she’s a great woman and she’s now helping me with an event I’m planning. So, thanks!


Short, sweet, simple and my role was minimal. I remember passing on the information like so: “You should call _________! Yeah, here!” The bigger deal is less what I did in making the referral/recommendation, but more in what Gina did…showing appreciation for the little things. How nice of her for even taking the time to thank me. How much more will I be willing to recommend her to someone else?

It’s interesting and real how focusing on gratitude opens up opportunities. How have the little things played a role in your business?


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