Around this time of year, many businesses and the people in them are looking to the future. The near future that is, 2013 and what’s in store for the New Year. After reviewing the current year – what worked and what didn’t, what was completed and what still needs work, etc. – the next phase involves mapping out goals, developing strategies and imagining what’s next for their organizations and careers.

How was 2012 for your business? Did you achieve all of your marketing initiatives and goals? What aspects will carry over to the New Year? If things didn’t turn out as planned, what will you do differently? Be sure not to get lost in disappointment or what didn’t happen, focus on how far you’ve come from day one. There are likely to be some accomplishments there!

Also, doing a review of your business today may also serve as great story material for the future.

Consider this Lacoste Future ad, which goes back in time and imagines the future of their famous polo. (Thanks, AdWeek!)

Please note: Yes, please. We think this is awesome and when will this be available? Another note: This is likely going to require the use of technology, and fashion and technology are clearly friends as we’re reminded of this article we secured for our friend and image consultant/stylist, Laura Hunt. Last note: We hope this swipe shirt is possible. (If nothing else, it’s a cool ad!)

What are you imagining for your business next year? As you develop your 2013 strategy, make sure to think beyond next year and how your goals tie into your organization’s long-term vision. Need some help? Be sure to reach out to us!

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