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Most people have gotten comfortable that it’s 2014 – a new year with new goals, hopes, dreams, etc. This is also around the time that some people start to get a little deflated or need that extra push (or pull) to get through on their master plans for the year. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of our consulting clients and to hear where they are (or aren’t) on their big plans for 2014.

Like our “basic” post last week, we’re really on a simple kick this month. In a world filled with endless options and people “shoulding” on us – what we should do about our business, relationships, health, children and life – it can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes difficult to keep up and/or figure out what to do next. So we’ve been taking our clients back to the basics. With everything going on – how do we do this? We have two simple steps – really that’s it!

1) Ask yourself simple questions.
Am it doing this because I need to, want to or feel that I should?
Does this serve my purpose and company vision?
Will this help the direction of my company?

If it falls into “need to” and “yes” to both the second and third questions, keep it on the list. If not, re-prioritize it or omit.

2) Don’t overthink.
Energy, which uses time, and time, which can be used to make money – is all lost when people overthink. Don’t waste your time (or energy or money) overthinking the answers to your questions.

Getting back to the basics – putting in the work, doing good work, engaging in open, honest communication and feedback – is enough, as we know our followers are ambitious people who are fabulous and already on the right path to greatness. And if you ever have to take a test…you’ll be ready! Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know below or reach out to us!

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