shamrocks2While we’re still rocking Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” (who doesn’t enjoy that song?), this blog is PG (for the most part, minus occasional language), so just to be clear, we aren’t discussing the ‘up all night to get lucky’ type of luck. We’re talking plain o’ luck.

Whether you believe in it or not, it seems that luck does exist for some people. From the person who always wins at contests or raffles to that one person you know who manages to dodge consequences, despite ill choices. There are just some lucky people out there! Are these people really lucky or is it something else?

With St.Patrick’s Day around the corner, the subject is timely. And while the historical significance of the holiday is religiously based, on the mainstream the shamrocks bring thoughts of luck, rainbows (which make most people happy) and green cocktails (which also makes many people happy).

A client of ours often says: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” According to Google, this phrase is attributed to many. We’ve often heard lucky and hard-working, Laura Hunt say it, fashion/wardrobe stylist and image consultant.

There are some distinct ways that we know Laura increases her luck on a regular basis, and there are ways to increase yours as well! Here’s how:

1) Show up. Put yourself out there and show up for opportunities. I can’t stress enough how much this makes a difference. That someone who signs up for a new program, or agrees to attend a social, or the person who answered the phone and gets the media interview…it’s true that showing up can be half the battle. Show up!

2) Ask for help. Know when to ask for help, guidance or how to ask for directions. You’re multi-talented, we get that, but no one can do it all. No seriously, no one. When kryptonite was around, Superman needed some help. Have a trusted group of individuals (your lucky circle!) whom you can lean on and ask for assistance when you need it (or who will be smart enough to give it to you when you don’t know you need it).

3) Pay attention. The little things and the details can make a world of difference. You don’t have to take it all in, but know when you should be paying attention in situations. This way you are aware of opportunities that may open themselves up to you. If you’re not paying attention, you may miss your chance to stumble upon some luck.

4) Be positive. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t. No one is perfect and we all have our areas of improvement. Continue to work on those things you need to work on, but don’t allow it to hinder you from making progress toward your goals. Don’t dismiss your strengths! Stay positive, upbeat and be open to the good things that exist in your life and business.

5) Show gratitude. Give credit where credit is due. Remember to say ‘thank you’ to those who have made a difference in your life, took a chance on you or showed up. Whether it’s a quick e-mail or phone call, show your appreciation. (Note: Pen to paper is super popular! So few people do this nowadays and it makes an impression.) Another option is to keep a business gratitude journal, this forces you to see all of the cool things you should be grateful for in your business…lucky you!

Any suggestions to add on getting lucky? Tell us in the comments below.

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