It’s probably not necessary to bring in Captain Obvious, but it’s no secret that we like books. Hardcovers, paperbacks, books on Kindle, e-books and notebooks (can’t read the last one, but you can fill up the pages, so we’re extra fond of these!)

One very popular book with filled-in pages is The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey (Captain Obvious again), that is still relevant to personal and business life today. (I always thought the book came out within the last 10-15 years, but it has been around since 1989!)

The desire to grow, improve and be more efficient is often of importance for successful (and smart) people, and the desire to do well in various tasks and skills areas brings me to today’s blog topic. We’re often asked why _____ (insert business) gets press but others don’t. There’s no magic bullet or one size fits all, however, there are some things that press-worthy brands do consistently. These consistent actions/ways of doing business are what make them a great go-to resource for the press.

Laura Hunt, image consultant/fashion stylist with Judy Alvarez on CNN Latino

Laura Hunt, image consultant/fashion stylist with Judy Alvarez on CNN Latino

Below you’ll find our list of habits that press-worthy businesses possess:

1) They have good story ideas. They understand the difference between the excitement of new wallpaper versus a story that informs, educates or inspires the public. They realize their press opportunity is not a commercial, but can serve as an opportunity to connect with their consumers and attract new ones.

2) They are available. They understand the nature of the media world. It’s not always convenient or timely, but when the media comes knocking they do their best to answer and be available for the opportunity.

3) They set goals and realize quality is more important than quantity. Being seen everywhere is great, but it’s not necessarily interesting or good for business. Having a good, informative story to share is more valuable. They set goals and target specific media in an effort to connect with a broader audience.

4) They’re resourceful and know it’s not all about them. They pay attention to what’s happening in their industry and in their community. They bring great information to a story and make it a point to be the “go-to” person in their industry by staying informed and knowledgeable. They know it’s not just about promoting themselves, it’s about being of service.

5) They are courteous and say “thank you.” Think back to the last time you felt appreciated. Felt good, right? Journalists, writers, editors, producers, etc. work hard (just like you)! Sending a “thank you” for the opportunity is a simple thing to do that many overlook. It’s a privilege to be able to share their product/service with a broader audience and they are appreciative to the media and their customers.

6) They promote their press coverage. In the world of social media, sharing is caring. The news wants their coverage to be seen, so go ahead and drop your press in a newsletter, post about it, tweet it out and add it to your website. (This is of most benefit to you as your press lives longer!)

7) They value building relationships with the media. They understand that relationship-building with the media is on-going and it’s valuable, the sane way your relationships are with your customers, employees and vendors.

There are lots of others tips that help a business stand out and make them newsworthy, but the above seven are good ones to make a habit. Any to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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