bowIf you follow PR and marketing blogs/sites like ours, over the next few months you’ll read/hear some talk about holiday gift guides. Long lead publications (those that deadline 3 months or more in advance) will start to gather the must-have items for the holiday shopping season in November/December.

Here are four things to add to your to-do list and get yourself prepared if you plan on pitching!

1) Schedule a photo shoot. You’ll want to have great pictures of your products and you don’t want to do this last minute and cause unnecessary angst.

2) Take a trip to the bookstore and pick out your favorite publications that you’d love to be featured in. Pay attention to the names of writers, editors and the stories they are covering. Follow these writers/editors online via their blogs, Twitter, etc. and get to know their style. This will make it easier to strike up a conversation when you’re reaching out to them.

3) Want to be featured on television? Set-up a media training and make sure you’re TV-ready to share your story and properly promote the features and “must-have” worthyness of your product!

4) Download our Mantras & Motivations doc on our home page. Use this for your media vision board or book and start to map out the outlets you plan on targeting. Visualizing the places you’d like to see your brand will keep you focused on your goal and feeling positive as you wait to land your coverage!

Need us to pull out your story or piece it together? Reach out to us as we’ll be happy to get you pitch-ready!

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