Last week we received an e-mail from a follower who wanted to know what she should put on her media vision board or in her media vision book.

We didn’t think to include an example – but we’ve whipped one up to share with you. (This one has a fashion focus, but the board can apply to any industry, including pictures of yourself, favorite quotes, article headlines, etc.)

media vision board

We’re all about dreaming big here, and if you want to see yourself or your brand in the media – you should, too!

If you’ve never been covered in your local or regional outlets, it’s a great place to start, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of and include national glossies or big network stations on your board as well. Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Identify your media target. Once you’ve identified your ideal target outlets, find the glossies and other media images (e.g. image of the hosts from the Today Show) you want to be featured in/on and cut out headlines, include your own images, your business tagline, positive phrases (like our Motivation & Mantras) and anything else that will inspire you to share your business story. The goal of your media vision board is to keep you focused toward creating unique story angles and keeping these outlets top of mind as you develop new products and services in your business. So many times people/businesses do really cool things but they forget to tell people!

2) Look at your board or book daily. Once completed, put your board/book in a visible place in your office so that you may see it. Also, if something changes, update your board accordingly.

3) Follow the outlets you want to be featured in. Stay active in reading, watching  and following (via social media) those outlets that you’re interested in being featured in. You want to get a sense of what they’re featuring so that you will know how your business may fit their content.

4) Incorporate your media goals into your business strategy. Whether you’re using an agency (like ours!) or DIYing your media efforts, media engagement needs to be a part of your business strategy and added to your weekly/daily to-do lists. For those of you who haven’t grabbed a copy of our Media Motivation & Mantras, you can download them on our Home page. And definitely reach out if we may assist or send us a message if you have any questions.

Good luck and see you in the glossies…or on TV…in a fabulous blog…or on the radio!

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