3_twitter-logoOur friends and client at The 3% Conference will host their 3rd annual conference event on Mon, Nov. 3 and Tues, Nov. 4, 2014. You can see the historic timeline here, from the initial spark (a tweet from founder, Kat Gordon) to date.

Since its launch, The 3% Conference has worked to increase the number of female creative directors in the world of advertising (and in executive positions across various industries). Women make more than 80% of purchasing decisions, yet only 3% of women are creative directors with decision-making power (and who create the messaging).

The Conference brings together some of the best minds in advertising, gender research and human resources for a long-overdue conversation about why advertising remains a boys club in a woman’s world.

Recently The 3% Conference released some good news ~ the efforts around The 3% Conference movement are working! The 3% Conference 3percent-ResearchResults_FINALreleased results from their study: Female CDs on the Rise, and the percentage of female creative directors in the Communication Arts 2013 Advertising Annual reached 11.5%! Let’s hear it for change! Women control 73% of consumer purchasing and $20 trillion of the world’s annual consumer spending, so there’s still more work to do on this front to increase the number of female creative directors, however, it’s good to see that progress is being made and we should celebrate that fact!

Download a copy of the study here. Also, there’s still time to register and attend this awesome event ~ grab your tickets by clicking here.

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