christmas decorationHope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! The past week was extra busy with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and then kicking off this week with Cyber Monday and today’s Giving Tuesday ~ phew! Lots to do, see, shop and spend the past few days!

It’s a magical time of year, filled with lots of family, friends, good times and happiness (and also an emotional time for many as they think of loved ones who may no longer be around or thoughts of individuals on the planet who are in need).

With all of this going on, some things take a back burner, whether it’s work, eating properly, resting, etc. We wanted to encourage you all to do your best to keep things balanced this month and finish the year strong!Time To Plan Messager When it comes to work, you’ll want to examine the past year to properly plan for 2015. (Oh, and as if there’s not enough going on this time of year, it’s “National Write a Business Plan Month,” which definitely translates to “let’s see how the planning is going” for those of us who are in business. Revisiting your business goals for your company are just as important as getting them down on paper for the first time.)

There’s still time to map out remaining goals for the year. Even if they’re small ones that bring you closer to a larger goal(s) that you’ll accomplish in the New Year. We’ve been working on goals we’ve set around clients, from media placements to securing sponsors.

What’s on your goals list for the remainder of the year? What dream media placement are you still in search of? What coffee break do you still need to schedule? Make time to plan and reach out to us if you need assistance, ideas, connections, etc. Good luck!

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