choicesAs we all reflect on 2014 and prep for 2015, we look at what was successful and what needs to be tweaked, improved or discarded.

Sometimes our ideas are great, but the execution needed some adjustment. Other times, we have to ask ourselves: “While this is a great idea, is it really right for my business?” Last week we included a quote that referenced staying open to new ideas, this week we’ll address filtering through the ones that are worth keeping.

When you’re listening to advice or suggestions from an “expert,” they’re typically providing you with best practice information and knowledge and/or proven strategies. The reality is that one size does not fit all in any industry. There are often too many other variables involved and unexpected circumstances can happen to anyone.

I (Nancy) always remark how it’s cool and concerning that the field of medicine is referred to as a “practice.” A friend of mine recently told me how she was told that medicine isn’t a science, it’s an art.

And so it goes in business. Running a business is an art, not a science. As you review your goals for the coming year, have a real tough love talk with yourself on whether some of your ideas are really the right move for your business.

As an entrepreneur, I’m learning to stop swimming against the river in certain areas (and just get out of the water already!). And my latest analogy example I’ve been using is “knowing when you’re trying to move cows out of Texas.” Possible (as we believe that anything is possible!), but is it worth the effort, energy, and time and how happy will everyone be at the end?

This doesn’t mean to stop dreaming or to start worrying about whether something is impossible. Just the opposite! If you’re properly focused on your business, you’ll be dreaming up ideas that are spot on and worth the pursuit.

How will you ensure you’re focusing on the right things in business as you map out your goals?

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