Ever run out of creative ideas? Never?! Really?…Yeah, us either!

Now for the truth…of course you have! It happens to the best of us and all of us. Sometimes you need some time to think up something brilliant, sometimes you need a caffeine boost or a nap, and sometimes it needs to be shelved for later.

When it comes to media coverage, you don’t want to miss opportunities for lack of creativity though.

When you’re at a loss of what to share about your company that might be newsworthy, look to the Internet. Duh! OK, way too broad. We’re not suggesting you search aimlessly, of course.

Here are three specific ways to get the creative juices flowing on story ideas and match up potential story angles.

1) Look to the news. Search your industry and click on the “News” link on Google. What’s happening out there in the world? (Lots, we know. Don’t stress.) Do you have something to say on one of the various topics? Does your product/service solve one of the problems that are being discussed? (While you’re reading these articles, this is also a great time to provide a comment on the stories. Share your thoughts. Let the writer know you’re a fan. It’s a good way to connect with the media. Note: Don’t self promote. Double note: We mean “matchy” in a clever (and cute) way. Not in a redundant way. Don’t pitch yourself for a story the media has just covered because…they just covered it! What other ways can you expand on the story or add additional value?)

2) Pull up editorial calendars. Pick your top three desired publications for possible press coverage and look at their editorial calendars. These will tell you exactly what the outlet is working on, and more importantly, what they’re seeking for upcoming issues. How can your product/service tie into one of their focus areas?

3) Ask for help. Other people are on the planet so you don’t have to go it alone! Fabulous, right? Be sure to reach out to your team, colleagues and peers to get their feedback. Sometimes the clarity comes so swiftly when other brains are around your creative, story-telling challenge.

Sometimes you may have to bring in some professional support. If this is the case, for business owners, it’s a great time to establish a “creative fund.” A mad money stash for creative boosts. Perhaps you use this money for ice cream breaks while you’re deep in thought. Rent a bike or jet ski at the beach. Try a yoga class. Or, depending on how much you’ve saved up in your creative fund, book a consulting or coaching call. Sometimes getting out of your own head and into a different environment or a guided, creative path with a professional can help.

Good luck on your blue-skying and reach out to us if we can be of service!

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