The spring brings a variety of events our way, as well as our clients who are either hosting the events or participating as sponsors, vendors and/or guests. When it comes to hosting your own event, there’s a bit more flexibility on who, what, when, where, etc. When it comes to partnering your business brand with someone else’s event, you’re usually under their guidelines (and if they don’t have any, this may be a major red flag!) and you’ll want to ensure that the partnership is beneficial for your brand.

Here are some things to consider before partnering up for an event:

1) Does this event reach my intended target audience?
All good events have people, but they may not be your people. It’s important to have some understanding of “who” is in the audience at the event. Just because the attendee numbers are high doesn’t mean the percentage of your customers are in attendance. If your primary target is Boomers, and there will be in a bunch of millennials and Gen Xers in attendance, this would not be an ideal fit (unless you’re looking to attract a new market!)

2) Does this event align with my brand image?
What you may enjoy personally may not be a good fit for your business. People have the luxury of having a variety of “likes.” A person may enjoy peaceful yoga retreats and rock concerts, or riding dirt bikes and attending fashion shows. The wrong brand placement at an event can be bad for the business and the event. Think tobacco at a non-profit lung cancer awareness event ~ alignment matters.

3) Will I be a good partner to this event?
When your brand is a part of an event ~ as a sponsor or vendor, you want to make sure you have maximum visibility and it’s beneficial to your business, but you also want to be a good brand partner for the event. The best strategic partnerships are a win-win. Meeting presentation suggestions, having enough samples on hand, etc. helps to streamline the event experience for attendees and the guidelines are usually put in place to be beneficial for your brand presence, and the event.

Is your brand looking for events to be involved in, want to sponsor an event or host your own? Reach out to us and let’s discuss!

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