There’s so much to be thankful for this year ~ from our health to loved ones to awesome clients to pumpkin pie! We have had a rather amazing year and we hope that you’ve had a wonderful 2016 as well. One of my (Nancy) phrases of the moment (actually for the last 2.5 years now) is: “It’s a fascinating time to be alive!” It works when things are going well and also in those, “Uh, wt…?!?” moments. Needless to say, #Election2016 dominated this month (and pretty much all year), along with all of the varied emotions that went with it (and will likely continue for anyone here in the U.S.). What can we say…it’s a fascinating time to be alive!

We hope that you take some time for yourself this holiday. Break from work, practice some self-care/love, and spend some time with loved ones. So grateful for you and wishing you peace and all the best this Thanksgiving and beyond!


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