We’re heading in to closing out the first half of 2017 ~ woohoo! Hope it has been grand for you and your business thus far. Now is a great time to review your 2017 goals, and start establishing and adjusting goals for the second half of the year. A review of your “ships” is a quick and easy way to get your review process started. Consider the following:

Client Relationships
What ways can you better connect with your customers and clients? You’re likely actively engaging with them, however, it’s good to check in on their goals and vision for the rest of the year and see how you may help. Conversations not related to the day-to-day tasks or projects on hand, but their dreams for their business. (This is also helpful for sparking new ideas or cross-pollinating on needs and desires that are shared.)

Media Relationships
Is your business following and keeping up with your favorite journalists, editors, producers, and influencers? Think of ways that you can be (or continue to be) a resource to them. The upcoming summer months can be slow in some markets, and it’s a good time to connect on social media around commonalities like favorite vacation spots, places to visit, restaurants to try, etc.

What businesses can you partner with this summer (or the rest of the year) around initiatives? Make a list of businesses and people you might be interested in collaborating or co-venturing with, and make plans to set-up coffee/tea dates.

Community Relationships
What ways are you and your business engaging with your community? Consider volunteering your time or donating monies from a campaign or initiative.

Who do you need to call and catch up with? All work and no play is not recommended. Schedule in some time to connect with the people you care about and enjoy!

Checking in on the various relationships you have in your business and life will make for a good and productive summer and second half. Let us know if you need ideas or assistance with connecting around your ships!

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