Divine Events, a community leader with entrepreneurial and working moms, will host the first annual Moms Reinvented conference this Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Westshore Yacht Club from 7-10 p.m.

An estimated 150 women will gather for Moms Reinvented, an inspirational evening where nationally-renowned mom entrepreneurs will share their vision and success stories on how to blend business and babies.

Guest speakers for the evening include:
– Mindee Doney of Little Busy Bodies, Inc.
– Grace Welch of San Francisco and founder of Patemm, Inc.
– Katherine Center of Houston, TX and author of Everyone is Beautiful and The Bright Side of Disaster
– Katie Ryres of Silly Dilly Tot Spot
– Lisa Becker of Ostomy Secrets

Divine Events has established itself as the go-to place for moms and moms-to-be who want to be in the know, connect with other mom entrepreneurs and serve as a resource and support to women who are combining the unique worlds of business and babies. Business partners and sponsors have an opportunity to reach an exclusive female consumer demographic who strives to achieve balance between working business owner and/or professional and motherhood. Recognizing the uniqueness and challenges that come with being a new mom trying to incorporate pre-baby aspects of life, Divine Events provides a variety of activities that attract working women and moms-to-be. Divine Events offers functions that are a ladies day or night out, as well as child-friendly functions.

The Moms Reinvented annual conference on Oct. 17 at the Westshore Yacht Club, will enable and inspire entrepreneurial-minded mothers to start their own businesses. The dynamic program will include a full course dinner, drinks, high-end raffle prizes as well as a Las Vegas-style fundraising element after the presentation. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

Tickets to Moms Reinvented, presented by Divine Events, are $75 and available online by visiting: www.TampaMomsReinvented.com or by calling 813-391-4800.

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