Testimonials come from building memorable and positive relationships. What are people saying about your business? What are clients saying? It’s important to hear feedback from people outside of your organization – positive and negative. (Note: More attention should be paid to positive feedback so you’re not dwelling too heavily on unfavorable feedback. While some negative feedback may be valid, some comments and criticisms are time and energy drainers…and should be dismissed!) Testimonials from clients and people outside of your organization let you know when you’re on track, if your idea is a winner or if something may need to be tweaked.

Equally important is being able to provide constructive feedback to others. The ability to take care and consideration in whom you are endorsing, becoming a fan of and verifying. Sometimes people will undervalue their opinions and how they may impact the progress and changes made within an organization. Speak up!

The next time you are interacting with your clients and business associates – collect testimonials and feedback regarding their feelings and participation. White Book Agency provided PR services for Moms Reinvented, hosted by Divine Events this month. They produced a great event and its success was confirmed by attendees. Here’s an excellent endorsement for Barbara Keskiner and Aly Zamore of Divine Events, and their first annual Moms Reinvented conference:

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