A company’s advertising message may often vary from providing a solution (e.g. get clear skin) to creating a brand character (think Geico’s gecko or Ronald McDonald). As you’re gearing up for your 2010 marketing campaigns, consider incorporating an advantage to any advertising efforts.

Providing an advantage or benefit is a popular advertising technique. Think about what value your product or service actually brings to your customers. Is it the only one of its kind in your market? Is there a money-back guarantee? Is the benefit perceived or real?

Imagine that you sell dish washing soap that’s powerful enough to cut cleaning time in half and sells for $2 a bottle. Now picture an image of two siblings happily doing the dishes. The real benefit is that the dish washing detergent works well enough that cleaning time is cut in half for only $2 bottle. The perceived benefit is that your children will wash the dishes happily. Whenever you are highlighting the benefits, always be honest about what your product or service actually delivers.

Perhaps you want to highlight the cost of your service or product. Determine what value can be incorporated around the price. Is it the lowest in town? Is it being offered as a discount for a limited time? Or maybe you explicitly highlight the uniqueness. Are you the only company carrying [insert product]? Are there limited quantities which means your customer will be one of few who have the item or experience the service?

If you’re developing an ad campaign, ask yourself what value you bring to your customers with your product or service. Then, choose language and images that illustrate those advantages or benefits.

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