We’ve all heard that it’s good to write down our goals, and what better time than now to go through your mid-year checklist. Summer officially starts next week (June 21, 2010 to be exact) and we’re six months in to 2010.

It’s a good time to start reviewing your business goals and see what needs to be changed, adjusted or dismissed altogether. Some questions to consider when thinking about the remainder of the year:

1) Were any goals achieved?

2) What worked well?

3) What didn’t work well and why?

4) What’s next?

You don’t necessarily have to map out the rest of the year, but think about the next three months. What do you hope to complete or have accomplished? These questions can be applied to both professional and personal life, but when it comes to PR, marketing and advertising, what are you doing to get the word out about your fantastic business or brand yourself in the market place? While you may be doing well now, the “what’s next” component is important to stay ahead of the curve. Are there new programs that can be implemented? New service offerings that clients should know about? Now’s a great time to dust off that list you created at the beginning of the year and get re-acquainted with your goals!

Good luck!

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