What can we say? We’ve kind of been missing in action this summer, right? At least through the month of July. It’s like White Book Agency is on summer break according to the frequency of blog updates, however, we’re actually plugging away with work! It’s been a fun and hectic summer with the holiday guides deadlining, fantastic new clients onboarding and frequent thoughts of the beach!!

This “feelings room” image seems to depict our whirlwind of emotions.

New client onboarding – yay!

You’re scrapping our client’s piece this month – what?!

I haven’t eaten lunch yet – back off!

Yes, our client can go on air at 10am!

Aaaaahhh – we’re on deadline!!

What is for lunch?

It’s a beautiful day – we sssoooo should go to the beach!!

It’s been a fantastic and positively busy summer! We hope that you are having a wonderful summer, too!

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