Last month we opened up one of our books to share a little recipe with you – the press kit. Here you’ll find

• This is a simple example of a single sheet that can be used in a press kit. A single sheet isn’t ideal for every press kit, but can be beneficial to businesses that want to showcase their product(s)/service(s).

Cloud9 Studios, a premiere children and family portrait studio in Tampa Bay, is a service and product-based business that specializes in custom photography. Product-based company single sheets can conveniently be filled with images of the products, prices and company logo. It’s also a good idea to include small statements about some of the showcased products.

• Service-based businesses may not have a lot of visuals that would be ideal for a one-sheet. Their single-sheet may resemble a more interesting resume and serve as an information sheet for their services. It would quickly introduce the reader to the company and may include the mission statement, company profile, contact information, specialties and any interesting facts that may be appealing to the reader. Types of images that work well would be of the founders, team members and company building/office.

Think of your one sheet or single sheet as your elevator pitch or :30 second intro. Pull images and prices of your premiere items and showcase them for potential viewers. If you get stuck, you know where to find us!

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