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This is one of the most fun parts of creating your press kit! With this step you are able to be totally boastful and include the most recent press releases that were written about your product/service, as well as any press coverage your business has received.  So for the first time or first time in a very long time, you don’t have to think of anyone else but yourself! Now pick your jaw up off the ground and let’s get started…

We like to think of this step as the ultimate way to impress your audience. Think of Paul Cézanne (whom Google gives a shout out to today). His post-imPRESSionist works of art have been displayed in museums across the globe. Cézanne’s works of art undoubtedly impressed potential buyers. Much like Cézanne, you will want to use your imPRESSionist works, which in this case are your press releases and any press coverage, to impress your reader. (Phew! We think you get it.)

Press releases provide information to the media with the hopes of reaching the public via news coverage. Properly crafted press releases will showcase your business in a positive way. They will prove how newsworthy, credible and successful your product/service is as well.

You will also want to include any coverage or mentions your company has received from the press. This may include reprints of magazine stories, screen shots from online publications, clips from a newsreel, or for electronic press kit purposes, include links to prior interviews.

We know that you have it in you to get your brag on, so gather up all of your materials and get ready to toot your horn! If you find yourself struggling, or you’re in need of some recent press coverage for yourself or business, reach out to us!

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