Bookmark: Be Heard & Make A Media Impression is a “How To” series for clients, fans, blog readers and our friends in the public relations industry. Through this series we’ll speak with media professionals about the dos and don’ts of pitching and garnering coverage for yourself and/or business.

Why would a PR firm share how to pitch some of their contacts? Isn’t that our job? Well, yes, it is one aspect of our jobs, and we’re really nice people. Seriously.

Aside from being really nice people (most of the time), we’ve found that having clients and partners who have a better understanding of media relations and how it all works is critical to relationship building. There is no magic formula when it comes to public relations. It takes having a story worth informing the public about (beyond self-promotion), persistence and patience. If you’re truly focused and working on growing your brand and your business, you’ll eventually have to hire a PR firm — and we’ll be here ready to help you with new ideas, stronger relationships, great strategies and more, because this is our business.

The other reason this series has been launched is because I (Nancy Vaughn) am a writer, and I have been on the receiving end of some not-so-good pitches. If you’re a business owner, being one of your best cheerleaders is a must and the more media-ready and knowledgeable you are, we all win. Just because PR is not going to be something you do full-time (it shouldn’t be, that’s what we’re here for), it helps to be informed about the media professionals who will be writing about you, interviewing you and sharing your story. Look at our “how to” series as being similar to learning about but maybe not liking math, you still have to balance your checkbook…how else will you count your millions?

We hope you enjoy the series and look forward to your feedback!

~ NV

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