It’s February and 2011 is off to a great start! Like every goal-oriented business, we periodically check in with ourselves. Take a look at what’s working for our business and our clients…what’s not working…tweaking and adjusting here…eliminating there. One thing always remains the same though, our focus on our clients.

At White Book Agency, we want to garner publicity for our clients because we believe everyone has a story to tell ~ behind or beyond their product or service. Letting people know about their stories allows others to not only be aware of the product or service, but to explore and occasionally be inspired.

Journalists and writers are busy people and White Book helps them filter through some of the noise. We carefully communicate and craft gems of stories that can be written, preserved and shared with the world. We believe that people want to know about these stories because it keeps people motivated, gives them hope and lets them know about new, different and sometimes how the same old things may still be great.

It goes beyond promotion. It includes information and education. Learning about people, places and things can keep us informed, obviously, however, not everyone receives publicity or knows how to obtain attention for themselves. For this reason, their exposure is limited, their reach is limited, and whom they help, assist or motivate with their product or service is limited.

People and/or businesses who hire a PR firm show that they’re serious about their story and getting their message out to the public. They’re committed to sharing and reaching beyond their circle. It also shows journalists/writers/media that it’s beyond self promotion, it’s about informing the public.

Public relations assist with all of this and that’s why we’re a part of it and continuously motivated in our work. We stay busy doing what we do best ~ sharing your story ~ so that you can stay busy doing what you do best (with your product or service).

And that’s our story.

Let us know how we may assist you.

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