As angry as you may be when something goes completely and utterly wrong, just realize that the situation can potentially get worse if you rant and rave about it online. We’ve gotten so comfortable with our social media profiles and blogs that we often forget about remaining professional.

Keeping your composure online might just save your day or even your job. As seen by Marc Jacob’s ex-intern, tweeting on your company’s Twitter page can really tarnish your image and results in lessons all around for everyone . Much of this ex-intern’s story could have been prevented if s/he tried a few of our simple techniques…

1. Breathe. Not once…or twice…but several times.

2. Take a step back. Your initial reaction to something dramatic, might just be that – dramatic! So put down the cell phone, get up from your computer chair and just walk away.

3. Remove yourself from the situation and try to look at it objectively. If you can’t think about it objectively, don’t think about it all. Take a stroll, listen to your fave tunes, or do whatever else it is that makes you relaxed and happy.

4. Once you’ve had time to cool down, address the situation maturely and professionally. You’ll be surprised at the results, and may even realize that it wasn’t ALL that big of a deal anyways.

If you rant, rave and let loose online instead of keeping your composure, you can potentially ruin your name or your business name. Followers to your profile or blog will remember what you say, and you want to be remembered for all the fabulous things you write about, not the ugly things, right?

Keep in mind that it is the “world wide” web, meaning: Your online thoughts can be spread everywhere across the online world, including your name, business name, etc. Keeping your composure online can prevent an unnecessary PR headache and protect your image. Does that mean you can’t have a bad day? No, not necessarily, but does everyone need to know about (as in the “world wide” everyone)? Probably not, so think before you type and use good judgment.

How do you strive to keep your composure online? Share your thoughts with us below!

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