David Estevez is the editor-at-large of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, Tampa Bay’s monthly parenting resource in print and online. He handles all editorial components of the publication as well as overseeing product features and event coverage in the magazine.

We had an interview with David to find out how the team at Tampa Bay Parenting likes to receive pitches from brands and publicists.

How do you prefer to receive pitches?
I prefer to receive pitches via e-mail. This allows me to look it over and go back to it if/when it is pertinent to the specific issue that I am working on at the time. If I don’t respond within a few days, I’m either not interested or am holding off to use at a later date. Please don’t call me, I’ll call you if I need any more information.

What kinds of pitches grab your attention?
Generally, the pitches that grab my attention are short and to the point. Please don’t send me a four-page press release, I won’t read it. The pitches feature a product/editorial piece that may be familiar to our readers but approach the topic from a different, unique angle. If the press release is exciting to read and makes me think, I will probably find a way to incorporate it into the magazine one way or another.

How can a business pitch a product/story for coverage in Tampa Bay Parenting?
The important thing is to remember that 95% of our readers are moms. I can’t tell you how many times I get press releases that are not related to moms or kids.

Send me any and all information that you think might help me make a decision. The more information you send me right off the bat, the better. Some press offices like to send partial information in the hopes that I will write them. That will not work.

What is the best time to pitch to you?
There isn’t really a certain time of the day. If you have idea that may work with our publication, please send the information at least three months ahead of when you would ideally like to see it appear in the magazine.

Stay tuned for Part II of How to Pitch Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine!

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