by Mike Licht,

BlogHer, Inc.’s latest study got us thinking about the influence that bloggers have when it comes time for us to buy or research new products on the market. Turning to one’s favorite celebrities and high profile individuals for beauty, fashion or tech advice is something that consumers have regularly done.

Now we have the ability to receive advice from bloggers who are everyday people just like us: moms, friends, peers, fashion/beauty/tech (or whatever you are interested in) enthusiasts. What can be better than getting feedback from a respected blogger (who may be a friend, peer, classmate, etc.) who genuinely loves or absolutely hates the product that we were just considering buying? Or what about when they write about a product/service that we have never heard about? We’d have to admit, many of us have become early adopters of products and services due to what trusted bloggers put out there for us!

As this online influence becomes even greater, we have to ask: what will happen to celebrity-endorsed products? Will bloggers be the new cover girls sporting the latest fashion trends? Some of them already are in the fashion bloggers’ world when you think of people like, Kristy Eléna of Vogue Gone Rogue (who had a blogger’s dream come true with Sunglass Hut’s blogging gig). She’s stylish, fun, hip…of course, we’d want to hang out with her and find out what she thinks about…well…just about whatever is happening in her fashionable day! Will bloggers be able to completely steal the spotlight from celebs who are paid to endorse the products they rave about? What happens when bloggers become so high profile and celebrity-like, how will they be viewed then?

Share your thoughts with us and let us know what you think!

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