We knew we wouldn’t have to remind you about Daylight Savings ending this past weekend as most people are thrilled to gain an extra hour, whether it’s for a little more beauty sleep, going in late to work or having 5pm on the clock match up with what we think 5pm outside should be (why is it so dark already?).

We thought you might want the heads up on the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which will take place today (Nov. 9, 2011) at 2pm EST. Announced by the Federal Communication Commission, the reason that the test will occur is to assess the “reliability and effectiveness of the EAS as a public alert mechanism.”

Across the country, the Emergency Alert Test will be broadcast on TV and radio at the same time and will last approximately three minutes. You can read more about it here.

This is only a test. Repeat, this is only a test. (Isn’t that just cool to say?) No need to panic, just spread the word!

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