Ever come across a face or name that you know you’ve seen, but you just can’t place? That’s what happened when I saw this story about a woman hit by a plane propeller.

I kind of recognized her face and name, but wasn’t sure if this was the same person.

After some quick research, I learned that this was who I thought: Lauren Scruggs, founder of LOLO Magazine and a fellow contributing writer at PR Couture. Lauren interviewed a former intern of ours earlier this year and did a great job of capturing all the vibrant energy and talent entering the PR field on PRCouture.com.

In pictures, Lauren exhibits an upbeat and positive image that’s obviously true to the core. Since the accident, proving that her spirit can’t be shaken, Crosby at PR Couture sums it up best when she wrote: To get an idea of how awesome this girl is, upon seeing her face for the first time, responded “it’s not that bad.” 

During an interview, Lauren’s parents shared that they believe life’s obstacles can be overcome with God’s help. I believe that, too. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Please visit PR Couture and read more about supporting Lauren here.


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