The holidays are here and that means party planning is in full swing! Taking on the coordination of an event in your home or office, in addition to a regular work schedule, can only add to the hectic, holiday season. Here are some ideas to make any party-planning experience a little…breezier!

Use E-Invitations
There are a ton of fabulous sites offering free invitations, including: cocodot, pingg and evite. These sites that will track reservations, send guest reminders and even schedule out thank you notes for those who attended.

Remember, Hiring Help is OK
Perhaps you want to do all the shopping, cooking, baking and the décor, however, it’s OK to relax and be the host this year by bringing in a little help! Some help to consider? Read on…

Private Chef: You purchase the food and provide any recipes you may want to use. They arrive to do all the work. What else could be better?
Mixologist: There is nothing more fun than a custom drink menu and professional mixologist who will stir up special creations that go along with your event theme. We recommend our friends at 71 Proof. Reach out to us and we’ll put you in touch!
Order in: Some may call this sneaky, we say genius. Many local food stores and restaurants carry out platters which can be re-plated onto your own china. This works for cold appetizers and nibbles to suit all your guest’s needs, just as if you had chopped everything up yourself.
Get a Maid: After all the planning you’ve been doing, who wants to clean the house!

Don’t Forget the Playlist!
Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a few unconventional tunes on your playlist. It’s a party after all! Michael Jackson is always welcome.

Things To Do in Advance
• Decorate
• Shop for groceries and gifts
• Make cookies and/or desserts
• If making the meal on your own, prep any of the portions you can, for instance, chopping all the veggies, preparing the cold salads or dips, etc.
• Bring in green plants to accent an area and brighten up any space. Plus, they generally last for weeks over flowers.
• Use battery operated candles for an easy ambiance indoors and out. There is no worry about fire codes in the office with these!

Stay tuned for part 2 of holiday party planning!


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