We provided some quick tips last week to make your holiday party planning a breeze, now here are some trendy and fun holiday themes to consider to give your holiday party some extra pizzazz this season:

Go Monochromatic
Everything in shades of one color scheme. Change the color theme to each room guests will gather in to create different moods.

Choose One Item
The White House used none other than their dog, Bo this year to theme much of the holiday décor. An easier DIY-inspired idea to take away is the use of cranberries in everything from wreathes to table décor.

The same theme can be accomplished with anything from candy, ornaments, or unshelled nuts.

Combine Holidays
Christmas and Hanukkah overlap this year which provides an opportunity for many inter-faith couples and groups of friends to observe both, if not all December holidays, at the same event. Decor for a combined-denominational holiday party, you ask?

Here are some tips and ideas to host a Christmukah Holiday Party:

  • Make gingerbread or sugar cookies in shapes to symbolize something from each holiday, religion or general winter-related ideas on a platter.

    Image Courtesy of Bon Appetit

  • Ask guests to bring a dish from each of their own holiday memories to share. (This is a great social opportunity for guests to tell a little bit about their own background as well!)
  • Have disposable plates and utensils on hand for any kosher guests.
  • Play non-holiday games like cards and board games everyone loves.
  • Decorate a holiday tree. Each guest contributes their own ornament to the tree. Watch the décor come alive with each guest’s individual style combined.
  • Secret gift exchange. Determine the cost guidelines or make a rule that each gift be homemade or of a certain theme to fit the party, e.g. “all gifts must have a certain color incorporated.” There may be a lot of red socks floating around but it’s a fun challenge to see what everyone can come up with!

Have fun planning your holiday gathering this year!


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