For those of you familiar, you know we embrace change and really dive into “experimenter” mode – almost like mad scientists with cute shoes.
Periodically we’ll go through a “scrub it clean, get(stay)-out-of-any clutter” process.

We put together a quick list of three tools that are keeping our organizational game in check…

With all of this “thinking outside the box” it’s time to get into the box (of sharing) if you’re not there already. Get out of your e-mail file folders (we know some of you live there) and share your documents, pics, etc. via Dropbox. Anyone whoever e-mails us a kazillion files automatically gets an invite to Dropbox. You’ve been warned!

It’s a simple “teux deux” list. We like to call them “ta da” lists, courtesy of our friend, Staci Backauskas because getting things done should be celebrated, as in “Ta da! It’s done!” And let’s face it, sometimes it is a bit of a wonder (perhaps, miracle?) how you get it all done, superstar! Well, we’ve found this simple type it in, cross it off, drag it to the someday list to be easy and efficient.

One of our favs. It’s like Facebook for your team. Yes, similar to private FB groups, but with Socialcast you can actually separate areas. Some info may only be pertinent to your HR team or your marketing team, etc. and you can house it all in one location and under different groups.

How are you staying organized?

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