Know, like, trust. The “KLT” factor seems like common sense when you hear it, but many people and businesses overlook  its importance in establishing, building and maintaining relationships.

To be known, liked and trusted isn’t always an easy feat in the days of digital. Information moves quickly and it can be a challenge to really get to know people. This is why transparency is critical. This doesn’t mean you need a neon sign announcing your business presence, what you ate, drank, who your best friends are, etc., but your messaging has to be authentic and consistent. Actually mean what what you say you do and then do it! Simple enough.

In the days of digital, some people aren’t necessarily doing what they say or saying what they mean. It is too easy to just say something and take it back, or simply say something else. There are definite pros and cons to this reality. At an 83 Degrees “Not Your Average Speakers” series event a few weeks ago, one of speakers acknowledged how easy it is to say, “I love you” via text message and then upon not receiving the desired response, simply texting: “Oh, not you. This wasn’t meant for you. Just kidding,” as a means of saving face and protecting one’s emotions. We all laughed at the speaker’s example, however, the reality is that situation like that may not be so funny after all. Talk about missed opportunities, right?

This month we’ll cover why the “KLT” factor is important to your business and what you can do to capture all three and hit that sweet spot!

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