“How do you know?…Do you know her?…Should I know that?…Do I know you?”

We’re going to go ahead and say that you know people. Thanks to social media, you probably know a lot of people, right? About 3,000 Facebook “friends” and possibly tens of thousands on Twitter (and every other network).

Well, the “know” in the KLT factor is important because you want your customer to be comfortable with you and know you as the person who…knows what s/he is doing. In a business relationship, when you know someone you and your customer have come to understand one another. For instance, what things are important in your service-to-customer relationship? Is it quick turn-around time? Variety in products? 24-7 service?

From a business perspective you want to become known for what you do, the services and products you provide and how you provide those services and products. When clients know you — your services or products and their expectations are clear. You recognize one another in social circles and learn about one another through various interactions.

Way, way, way back in the day to “know” someone was to ahem…”know” someone. Their business, comings/goings, where they’ve been and where they’re going…all about them and then some. In the business sense, no one will be getting in bed with one another, but we often liken the business relationship to dating. There’s the courting phase, where you come to know one another’s habits, positive and negative. Then the communication increases and you start to know one another a little better, a little more. Then you’re like an old couple, honest and open with one another (because you care) and finishing one another’s sentences about how great this service and that product is. In this business sense, it’s the bar where everybody knows your name. When a new shipment comes in and you know just who to call to let her know the new Manolos arrived. When an editor calls and we know just the person to connect them with for their story (a peek into our world).

Oh, and never underestimate the value of the “know” that’s tied to knowledge. Being knowledgeable about your business and smart enough to “know” other people who are equally or more knowledgeable in their field of expertise. People like people who know who they are and know what they’re doing, especially when it comes to business and work.

How do people “know” you? And how do you want them to know and remember you?

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